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The Pathos Project is pleased to offer multiple educational programs and resources for pre-professional students, medical students, and those in healthcare training programs.   Quality formation for future healthcare workers is a tenet to the purpose and pursuit of Pathos Project.  Please take the opportunity to explore our opportunities to be engaged in promoting personalism in medicine:


Pathos Project Undergraduate Program (PPUP)


An initiative tailored to pre-professional students interested in exploring the realities, meaning, and perspectives of the doctor-patient relationship.   This one-credit course provides both a scholastic encounter and hands-on immersion to develop the requisite virtues and dispositions necessary to promote personalism and professionalism in the doctor-patient encounter.   Students meet for regular seminar-based discussions with practicing physicians and ethicists. To complement the scholastic work, students also receive training on bedside presence and develop skills that address challenges of personalism in clinical settings.   With these training sessions, students are given the opportunity to apply these skills with actual patients at the bedside.




PathosConnections is a professional role-modeling program for medical students, nursing students, residents and medical staff involved in Continuing Medical Education (CME).


PathosConnections is a two-pronged educational program currently in initially stages of development.   The program will provide the interconnections and resources for participating medical students, residents, and physicians to further promote personalism in clinical care.   The two components of PathosConnections include:


  1. An active professional role-modeling program which offers opportunities for medical students and young physicians to have formative mentorship by physicians esteemed for their personalism in medical care.
  2. An online networking forum to further expand the vision of promoting personalism in medicine by connecting students and young physicians with mentor physicians identified by the Pathos Project. This online forum will serve as a catalyst though connecting exceptional professional role-models and their apprentices.




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