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Our Research Team is committed to progressing personalism in medicine through academic inquiry oriented toward enhancing the doctor-patient relationship.  Our Researcher Team is a composition of physicians, healthcare professionals, ethicists and academicians in the humanities in order to prompt an inter-disciplinary conversation.   Our scholars strive to facilitate a dynamic dialogue on the present state of medical culture and the formation of medical doctors.  Their clinical studies, data collection, reviews, and commentaries are fundamental to actualizing the mission of the Pathos Project


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Research Activties


Below is a list of our recently published research, articles, and presentations as well as publications in development.   We look forward to hearing your comments.


PUBLICATIONS (present and in-progress)


  • Maricich, Y Giordano, J. Pain, Suffering and Ethics of Pain Medicine: Is a Deontic Foundation Sufficient? AJPM 2007. 17:44-52
  • Giordano J, Maricich Y. Moral structure and responsibility in pain medicine; Deontic foundations and agent-based enaction. In: Giordano J. Maldynia; A multi-dimensional perspective on the illness of chronic pain. Informa, NY; in press.
  • Maricich, Y and Oxley, K. Problem Paper: Is medicine failing its mission? Submitting for Publication. 2008.
  • Maricich, Y. Suffering and Medicine: an urgent problem from a historical perspective. Preparing for Publication. 2008
  • Oxley, K and Maricich, Y. Suffering in Medicine. Preparing for Publication 2008
  • Maricich Y. What is vulnerability and is attentiveness to it necessary in the doctor-patient relationship of pain medicine? In Press. 2008
  • Maricich Y. Logos, Ethos, and Pathos: principles of the profession.Preparing for Publication. 2008



  • London, UK: The Challenge of the Suffering Patient. March 2005
  • University of Portland, OR: Suffering and Medicine: an urgent problem viewed from a historical perspective. June 2005
  • National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference: Pathos Project Feb. 2006 South Bend, IN:
  • Tom Dooley Society: Suffering and Depersonalization in Medicine: Pathos Project Response. Nov. 2006
  • Gold Foundation: Pathos Project Chicago, IL Sept. 2007
  • Multiple small conferences and Pathos organized presentations.




Clinical Survey on patient perspectives on suffering. 2005-2007





Plan to produce a regular publication, focused on promoting personalism in medicine, with fitting research, editorials, and writings from Pathos Fellows and contributing scholars.




Exploring funding for Fellows to enrich and expand present research projects and publications. Seeking donors to assist fellowship establishment.




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