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A multitude of patients and their relatives are engaged in developing the vision and work of the Pathos Project. Patients frequently provide the most treasured insights and recommendations on how to best actualize personalism in clinical interactions. As patients and their families experience the vulnerabilities of witnessing both the best and the worst in healthcare, Pathos Project seeks to hone its efforts according to their observations and promptings. Furthermore, Pathos Project continues to translate patients' expectations of clinical encounters into initiatives that better form clinicians to actualize quality interpersonal moments in the doctor-patient relationship.




Patients also ignite a special presence in Pathos Project's programming efforts.
PathosCare is a program in recent development that includes lay volunteers promoting personalism in medicine. Volunteers from across the country are encouraged to spend time present at the bedside of chronic and terminally ill patients. All PathosCare givers will receive briefing sessions on the various challenges and meaningful opportunities in these delicate encounters with suffering. PathosCare also creates a forum for volunteer reflection and debriefing as well as continued support through personnel and educational resources.

We enthusiastically invite you to join our team of PathosCare givers!   You may contact us for more information at .



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