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"Medicine is a human enterprise dedicated to the goals of restoration of health and the alleviation of suffering."
—Dr. Yuri Maricich
and Keri Oxley, 2006
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Promoting Personalism in Medicine


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The Pathos Project is a non-profit (501(c)3) action-tank that develops educational and clinical solutions to promote a relational ethos and culture of interpersonalism in medicine. A response to the deterioration of personalism in medicine, the Pathos Project recognizes that medicine is fundamentally a human enterprise with science and technology serving as tools. Pathos, being both Greek for suffering and the emotive response to suffering, converges the object and action of medicine and its doctor-patient relationship.  Through consciousness of suffering and its contextual interpersonal dynamics, specifically individuality of the patient and affectivity of the caregiver, the word Pathos attempts to capture the logos of our project.


The primary objective of the Pathos Project is to promote personalism in medicine, responding to the crisis in the doctor-patient relationship and healthcare culture by providing educational programs, services, and pertinent research.


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